Our Vision

What is vision and why is it important? George Barna has defined vision this way: Vision for ministry is a clear mental image of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants and is based upon an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances.

The apostle Paul was a man of vision. In Romans 15:19-20 he said that his vision was to spread the gospel of Christ where no one else had been. By that time, Paul had spread the gospel from Jerusalem throughout modern Turkey and Greece and into Illyricum (modern day Balkans). Preaching the gospel is a command, but determining where and how takes vision.

But Paul’s vision also meant that he couldn’t do certain things—even things he wanted to do, like go to Rome (Rom. 15:22). Good is often the worst enemy of the best. Doing too many good things may mean not getting the more important things done well. Vision sets priorities!

Therefore, the leadership of Battle Ground Bible Church, through prayer and divine guidance, has cast the following vision for our church:


Christ-centered environments where biblical change is happening, authentic community is formed, gift-oriented ministry is encouraged, and spiritual leadership is cultivated.


Become a center for gospel outreach in our community

Plant and/or participate in the formation of new churches

Send believers from our own congregation to the mission field


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